Can I change the default size of open program windows

Is there a way to increase the default size of a program window when I open it?

There are a few programs that I use frequently and they open so small.

Others open much larger or even full screen.

Terminal is the main one but, Stacer is another tool that I use pretty often that opens in a tiny window right in the middle of my screen.

I did a web search for this and all I can find is stuff about screen resolution. I may be searching for the wrong thing.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi @shanetalkstech
Most programs have in their preferences something to change size of window.
Most programs change size to and from full screen with a left click on te upper toolbar.
Terminal right click on upper toolbar and resize. (drop down menu.)

I figured out Terminal. I do use the click at the top to maximize but it would be nice to have windows open larger than a small little box in the center of the screen by default without having to click to make them larger.

Since we use Work spaces I wouldn’t mind if everything opened maximized.

It might just be a stupid complaint but I was curious if there was a way to make larger windows the default rather than having to manually resize them every time I open them.

It would even be nice if I could manually resize everything and when I closed and opened them the next time they were that size again.

Bug is tracked here

There’s a gnome extension here in the interim.

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That bug is the opposite of what I am talking about.

That extension does exactly what I want it to do though so I’m going to use this.


@shanetalkstech would be nice to tag this conversation as solved.