Can Fedora Linux be installed on Mac OS?

Hi, Can Fedora be installed on mac os?


Mac - Probably if it’s an Intel.

iOS - iOS devices have a locked bootloader and it’s very unlikely that Fedora will ever run on them.


Wow, been trying to install it…Thanks

There is hope on the horizon for ARM Macs via Asahi Linux. I’m not sure at what point Fedora will officially support it, though. Much of that depends on ongoing work in Asahi and that work making its way into the kernel. Running Fedora on an iPhone or an iPad is unlikely to happen, though.

I wonder why they have a bootloader

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The intent of apple has always been to ensure that users only used approved apple software. The locked bootloader in bios is one approach to that goal. It took them some time in working with intel to develop both boards with a bios, and processors that would not (at the time) be supported by any other OS and would not allow another OS to be installed.

Even now, many years later, only some devices can be booted with linux and run it.

Yeah, I get that but sometimes, it can be really frustrating… You have to get a windows laptop to access the software you want to try out

For what it’s worth, there are a few vendors who ship Fedora. There are some Lenovo Think machines and Slimbook, specifically.

Thank you @vwbusguy am definitely trying this out

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If you are going to buy an Intel laptop to use Fedora, I strongly recommend a ThinkPad. I have an X1 Carbon and it runs Fedora Silverblue perfectly. You can even buy it with Fedora preinstalled.


All computers[1] have a bootloader. It’s how you get from the firmware on-board the system to an OS.

Why have a locked bootloader? Control, basically. From a positive angle, it allows them to provide a better and easier support experience and prevent many types of malware. And it allows them to lock in an audience for profit. (I’ll let you decide if that’s good or bad.) Locking out Linux is basically an incidental side-effect — they don’t care.

All that said, on a capable enough system, you can at least install Fedora Linux in a virtual machine. That will let you try things out, play around, and so on.

  1. that is, personal computers in the current sense ↩︎

3 Likes buy any diy laptop
This are good brands selling laptop with linux
Dell also have dev lineup which is under700$ with linux

Both US and Canadian Federal governments have made agencies get rid of quite new Thinkpads, citing security concerns. My brother and I were affected by this, and ended up with Dell systems that were not nearly as robust (my brother is in Ag research — field work is hard on laptops).

Some users have ARM64 linux running in QEMU VM’s on Apple Mx systems and report performance compares well to their previous native linux on Intel systems. UTM App claims to simplify QEMU configuration. By now there may be actual benchmark comparisons. 3D acceleration is not yet supported.

Edit: add UTM App link and details.

due to asahi now linux run on apple m1 m2 laptops better than mac os according to the data given by asahi team.

Not so bad, tho I got malware sometime ago I guess through an email or so even tho we have always heard it’s hard to get malware on mac

Will check this out, thanks

Things are now going upsteam. And fedora also looking for making a spin for m1m2

you mean as a virtual machine within macOS?

yes it’s what i meant

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Run Windows on Mac - Parallels Desktop 18 Virtual Machine for Mac can run virtual machines on macos (others like VMWare probably too)