Call for testing: Lightly

Hello, I have built the lightly qtwidgets style for qt5 and qt6 in my copr for ricing. The style was recently orphaned in Fedora. It is one of the few (10?) non-breeze qtwidgets styles that work with both qt5 and qt6. The original maintainer of lightly has left and another person maintains it currently. The project needs love and community support.

To test, you need to be on Fedora 40 or rawhide. You need the KDE spin or kinoite, but having plasma 6 installed will suffice. Then you need to enable the copr using instructions given there. Afterwards, you need to install lightly-qt5 and lightly-qt6 packages.

Ideally, you should test KDE’s QtWidget apps, non-KDE QtWidget apps and kirigami apps. Any amount of testing is welcome, however.

You can report style related bugs upstream and packaging related bugs here.