Status of Qt 6.7 & KF 6.1 for F40

I maintain a few packages in my copr that need to be rebuilt for Qt6 & KF6 updates. Right now Rawhide is on Qt 6.7 and KF 6.1 is gradually being rolled out. When should I expect these to be rebuilt for f40, given the final freeze?

Should you not be keeping up to date with progress and working with the release team to answer that question?

How would you expect this forum of regular users to know those details?

I think you need to join a KDE SIG group if you need that level of insight into release planning. There is a fedora kde mailing list you could use?

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Thanks for your helpful response. I periodically check fedora-devel but it is more general for this type of questions. There seems to be a matrix channel for KDE SIG, I’ll look into that.

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@mattdm @ngompa That’s an interesting point. Maybe a good suggestion to get the KDE SIG on discourse. It would be nice to have a centralized point for information. Right now we have Matrix, the various mailing lists and who knows what else. It’s a bit fragmented. I know there are some that prefer the legacy platforms, but fragmentation isn’t good for the project and seems like discourse has been gaining momentum.


Valid point. Slightly fragmented IMO. Some easier to follow than others.

The SIG is not interested in leveraging Discourse at this time for any discussions.

Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated!