KF5 and QT5 in KDE Plasma 6 on Fedora 40 Install

When F40 released few weeks back, instead of going the upgrade path, I did a fresh install. I used the netinstall iso this time. I don’t use all KDE application and full kde plasma comes with everything, most of which I don’t need. Saved me bit of time removing things I don’t use.

I was bit bored (procrastinating), as we all do when we are bored. we query what system packages we have installed, right? If you don’t do that, that’s okay :slight_smile:

I was looked if qt5 or kf5 was installed?
it is.

As far as I understand, Plasma is qt6 and uses kf6, right?

Question I have is, does some parts of plasma depend on qt5 and kf5 still?
or is there a different purpose that requires these packages?

Here is what I get for when I ask dnf to list them


dnfq "kf5*"
Installed Packages
kf5-attica.x86_64                                                                      5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-filesystem.x86_64                                                                  5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-frameworkintegration.x86_64                                                        5.115.0-2.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-frameworkintegration-libs.x86_64                                                   5.115.0-2.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kactivities.x86_64                                                                 5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kactivities-stats.x86_64                                                           5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-karchive.x86_64                                                                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kauth.x86_64                                                                       5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kbookmarks.x86_64                                                                  5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kcodecs.x86_64                                                                     5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kcompletion.x86_64                                                                 5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kconfig-core.x86_64                                                                5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kconfig-gui.x86_64                                                                 5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kconfigwidgets.x86_64                                                              5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kcoreaddons.x86_64                                                                 5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kcrash.x86_64                                                                      5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kdbusaddons.x86_64                                                                 5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kdnssd.x86_64                                                                      5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kdoctools.x86_64                                                                   5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kglobalaccel.x86_64                                                                5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kglobalaccel-libs.x86_64                                                           5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kguiaddons.x86_64                                                                  5.115.0-2.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-ki18n.x86_64                                                                       5.115.1-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kiconthemes.x86_64                                                                 5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kinit.x86_64                                                                       5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kio-core.x86_64                                                                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kio-core-libs.x86_64                                                               5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kio-doc.noarch                                                                     5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kio-file-widgets.x86_64                                                            5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kio-gui.x86_64                                                                     5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kio-ntlm.x86_64                                                                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kio-widgets.x86_64                                                                 5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kio-widgets-libs.x86_64                                                            5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kirigami2.x86_64                                                                   5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kitemviews.x86_64                                                                  5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kjobwidgets.x86_64                                                                 5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-knewstuff.x86_64                                                                   5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-knotifications.x86_64                                                              5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kpackage.x86_64                                                                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kservice.x86_64                                                                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-ktextwidgets.x86_64                                                                5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kwallet.x86_64                                                                     5.115.0-2.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kwallet-libs.x86_64                                                                5.115.0-2.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kwayland.x86_64                                                                    5.115.0-2.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kwidgetsaddons.x86_64                                                              5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kwindowsystem.x86_64                                                               5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-kxmlgui.x86_64                                                                     5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-qqc2-desktop-style.x86_64                                                          5.115.0-2.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-solid.x86_64                                                                       5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-sonnet-core.x86_64                                                                 5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-sonnet-ui.x86_64                                                                   5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora
kf5-syndication.x86_64                                                                 1:5.115.0-1.fc40                                                   @fedora
kf5-syntax-highlighting.x86_64                                                         5.115.0-1.fc40                                                     @fedora


dnfq "qt5*"
Installed Packages
qt5-qtbase.x86_64                                                               5.15.13-2.fc40                                                           @updates
qt5-qtbase-common.noarch                                                        5.15.13-2.fc40                                                           @updates
qt5-qtbase-gui.x86_64                                                           5.15.13-2.fc40                                                           @updates
qt5-qtdeclarative.x86_64                                                        5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtfeedback.x86_64                                                           20180903gita14bd0b-9.fc40                                                @fedora
qt5-qtgraphicaleffects.x86_64                                                   5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtimageformats.x86_64                                                       5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtmultimedia.x86_64                                                         5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtquickcontrols.x86_64                                                      5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtquickcontrols2.x86_64                                                     5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtspeech.x86_64                                                             5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtspeech-speechd.x86_64                                                     5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtsvg.x86_64                                                                5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qttools-common.noarch                                                       5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qttools-libs-designer.x86_64                                                5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qttranslations.noarch                                                       5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtwayland.x86_64                                                            5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora
qt5-qtx11extras.x86_64                                                          5.15.13-1.fc40                                                           @fedora

You probably have one or more applications installed that still require kf5/qt5. Not all applications have been updated to kf6/qt6. I believe applications like krita and remmina for example are both kf5-based still.

That is my assumption as well.

I did check few plasma packages, none of which are depending on qt5 or kf5.
I also did a fresh install of f40 through net-install, it seems to be pulled in as part of the whole environment.

I don’t need to remove them, it will likely take part of the desktop with it (I’m not gonna linus myself to a black screen :laughing: ) but I would like to know their purpose.

Try to remove kf5-kwallet and take a look at the list of what it wants to remove. That should give you some insight.

Just don’t actually proceed with the removal :slight_smile:

Here is the output from your suggestion

It’s also removing plasma-desktop, among other plasma components that are important

dnfrm kf5-kwallet
[sudo] password for bill:
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                          Architecture              Version                                            Repository                   Size
 kf5-kwallet                                      x86_64                    5.115.0-2.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.5 M
Removing dependent packages:
 kwebkitpart                                      x86_64                    1.4.0-0.16.20190110.fc40                           @fedora                     1.2 M
 plasma-breeze                                    x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    872 k
 plasma-desktop                                   x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                     25 M
 plasma-print-manager                             x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    2.0 M
 plasma-workspace                                 x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                     37 M
 plasma-workspace-wayland                         x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    214 k
 sddm-breeze                                      noarch                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    1.2 M
Removing unused dependencies:
 accountsservice                                  x86_64                    23.13.9-4.fc40                                     @fedora                     380 k
 aspell                                           x86_64                    12:0.60.8-14.fc40                                  @fedora                     3.2 M
 aspell-en                                        x86_64                    50:2020.12.07-10.fc40                              @fedora                     4.1 M
 breeze-cursor-theme                              noarch                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                     29 M
 breeze-gtk-gtk2                                  noarch                                               @updates                    120 k
 breeze-gtk-gtk3                                  noarch                                               @updates                    416 k
 dbusmenu-qt5                                     x86_64                    0.9.3-0.34.20160218.fc40                           @fedora                     193 k
 f40-backgrounds-kde                              noarch                    40.2.0-1.fc40                                      @updates                    3.6 k
 google-noto-sans-fonts                           noarch                    20240301-2.fc40                                    @fedora                      42 M
 google-noto-sans-mono-fonts                      noarch                    20240301-2.fc40                                    @fedora                      20 M
 google-noto-serif-fonts                          noarch                    20240301-2.fc40                                    @fedora                      53 M
 gtk2-engines                                     x86_64                    2.20.2-29.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.1 M
 hspell                                           x86_64                    1.4-21.fc40                                        @fedora                     818 k
 hyphen                                           x86_64                    2.8.8-24.fc40                                      @fedora                      52 k
 iceauth                                          x86_64                    1.0.9-7.fc40                                       @fedora                      43 k
 kactivitymanagerd                                x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    975 k
 kde-settings-plasma                              noarch                    40.0-1.fc40                                        @fedora                     6.9 k
 kde-settings-sddm                                noarch                    40.0-1.fc40                                        @fedora                     114
 kdsoap                                           x86_64                    2.2.0-4.fc40                                       @fedora                     377 k
 kf5-attica                                       x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     682 k
 kf5-frameworkintegration                         x86_64                    5.115.0-2.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.7 M
 kf5-frameworkintegration-libs                    x86_64                    5.115.0-2.fc40                                     @fedora                      76 k
 kf5-kactivities                                  x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     459 k
 kf5-kactivities-stats                            x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     360 k
 kf5-karchive                                     x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     571 k
 kf5-kauth                                        x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     416 k
 kf5-kbookmarks                                   x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     685 k
 kf5-kcodecs                                      x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     714 k
 kf5-kcompletion                                  x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     364 k
 kf5-kconfig-core                                 x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.2 M
 kf5-kconfig-gui                                  x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     142 k
 kf5-kconfigwidgets                               x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.5 M
 kf5-kcoreaddons                                  x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.8 M
 kf5-kcrash                                       x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                      76 k
 kf5-kdbusaddons                                  x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     258 k
 kf5-kdewebkit                                    x86_64                    5.115.0-2.fc40                                     @fedora                     207 k
 kf5-kdnssd                                       x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     221 k
 kf5-kdoctools                                    x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     2.5 M
 kf5-kglobalaccel                                 x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     147 k
 kf5-kglobalaccel-libs                            x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     131 k
 kf5-kguiaddons                                   x86_64                    5.115.0-2.fc40                                     @fedora                     381 k
 kf5-ki18n                                        x86_64                    5.115.1-1.fc40                                     @fedora                      17 M
 kf5-kiconthemes                                  x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     577 k
 kf5-kinit                                        x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     586 k
 kf5-kio-core                                     x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     2.0 M
 kf5-kio-core-libs                                x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.4 M
 kf5-kio-doc                                      noarch                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                      15 M
 kf5-kio-file-widgets                             x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     990 k
 kf5-kio-gui                                      x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     273 k
 kf5-kio-ntlm                                     x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                      28 k
 kf5-kio-widgets                                  x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.7 M
 kf5-kio-widgets-libs                             x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.3 M
 kf5-kirigami2                                    x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.8 M
 kf5-kitemviews                                   x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     367 k
 kf5-kjobwidgets                                  x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     455 k
 kf5-knewstuff                                    x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     3.8 M
 kf5-knotifications                               x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     491 k
 kf5-kpackage                                     x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     744 k
 kf5-kparts                                       x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     774 k
 kf5-kservice                                     x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.0 M
 kf5-ktextwidgets                                 x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.4 M
 kf5-kwallet-libs                                 x86_64                    5.115.0-2.fc40                                     @fedora                     122 k
 kf5-kwidgetsaddons                               x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     6.7 M
 kf5-kxmlgui                                      x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     3.4 M
 kf5-qqc2-desktop-style                           x86_64                    5.115.0-2.fc40                                     @fedora                     455 k
 kf5-solid                                        x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     1.7 M
 kf5-sonnet-core                                  x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     720 k
 kf5-sonnet-ui                                    x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     976 k
 kf5-syndication                                  x86_64                    1:5.115.0-1.fc40                                   @fedora                     613 k
 kf5-syntax-highlighting                          x86_64                    5.115.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     2.4 M
 kf6-baloo                                        x86_64                    6.2.0-1.fc40                                       @updates                    1.2 M
 kf6-frameworkintegration                         x86_64                    6.2.0-1.fc40                                       @updates                    200 k
 kf6-frameworkintegration-libs                    x86_64                    6.2.0-1.fc40                                       @updates                     77 k
 kio-extras-kf5                                   x86_64                    24.02.2-1.fc40                                     @updates                    4.8 M
 kwrited                                          x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                     77 k
 libXaw                                           x86_64                    1.0.15-3.fc40                                      @fedora                     503 k
 libddcutil                                       x86_64                    2.1.2-1.fc40                                       @fedora                     818 k
 libkexiv2-qt5                                    x86_64                    24.02.2-1.fc40                                     @updates                    368 k
 libqalculate                                     x86_64                    4.9.0-4.fc40                                       @fedora                     8.4 M
 libunity-gtk3-parser                             x86_64                    0.0.0+17.04.20170403-18.fc39                       @fedora                     114 k
 libvoikko                                        x86_64                    4.3.2-5.fc40                                       @fedora                     390 k
 ocean-sound-theme                                noarch                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    1.2 M
 phonon-qt5                                       x86_64                    4.12.0-5.fc40                                      @fedora                     672 k
 phonon-qt5-backend-vlc                           x86_64                    0.12.0-3.fc40                                      @fedora                     273 k
 plasma-breeze-common                             noarch                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                     49 M
 plasma-breeze-qt5                                x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    542 k
 plasma-breeze-qt6                                x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    598 k
 plasma-integration                               x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    638 k
 plasma-integration-qt5                           x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    419 k
 plasma-lookandfeel-fedora                        noarch                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    492 k
 plasma-milou                                     x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    393 k
 plasma-print-manager-libs                        x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    628 k
 plasma-workspace-libs                            x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                     12 M
 polkit-qt5-1                                     x86_64                    0.200.0-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     269 k
 power-profiles-daemon                            x86_64                    0.21-2.fc40                                        @updates                    174 k
 powerdevil                                       x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    3.1 M
 qqc2-breeze-style                                x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    2.3 M
 qt5-qtimageformats                               x86_64                    5.15.13-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     419 k
 qt5-qtlocation                                   x86_64                    5.15.13-1.fc40                                     @fedora                      11 M
 qt5-qtquickcontrols                              x86_64                    5.15.13-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     4.9 M
 qt5-qtsensors                                    x86_64                    5.15.13-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     940 k
 qt5-qtspeech                                     x86_64                    5.15.13-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     102 k
 qt5-qtspeech-speechd                             x86_64                    5.15.13-1.fc40                                     @fedora                      45 k
 qt5-qttools-common                               noarch                    5.15.13-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     7.5 k
 qt5-qttools-libs-designer                        x86_64                    5.15.13-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     4.9 M
 qt5-qtwebchannel                                 x86_64                    5.15.13-1.fc40                                     @fedora                     299 k
 qt5-qtwebkit                                     x86_64                    5.212.0-0.85alpha4.fc40                            @fedora                      46 M
 qt6-qtvirtualkeyboard                            x86_64                    6.7.0-1.fc40                                       @updates                    5.2 M
 redhat-menus                                     noarch                    12.0.2-26.fc40                                     @fedora                     644 k
 unity-gtk-module-common                          noarch                    0.0.0+17.04.20170403-18.fc39                       @fedora                      43 k
 unity-gtk3-module                                x86_64                    0.0.0+17.04.20170403-18.fc39                       @fedora                      32 k
 uresourced                                       x86_64                    0.5.4-1.fc40                                       @fedora                     124 k
 voikko-fi                                        noarch                    2.5-6.fc40                                         @fedora                     3.8 M
 woff2                                            x86_64                    1.0.2-19.fc40                                      @fedora                     134 k
 xdg-desktop-portal-kde                           x86_64                    6.0.4-1.fc40                                       @updates                    1.5 M
 xmessage                                         x86_64                    1.0.6-4.fc40                                       @fedora                      56 k

Transaction Summary
Remove  124 Packages

Freed space: 477 M
Is this ok [Y/n]: n
Operation aborted.

I was careful, this time. Defaulting to yes on dnf is ‘fun’

Have another laugh: look for installed Gnome packages, both version 45 and 46.

I’ll save this for when I’m bored (procrastinating) again :smiley:

Did you install all pre selected sub-options on the right side on the everything install?

Screenshot from 2024-05-16 10-30-23

There are sub groups installed as:

sudo dnf groups info "KDE Applications"
Last metadata expiration check: 1:50:54 ago on qui 16 mai 2024 08:42:20.
Group: KDE Applications
 Description: A set of commonly used KDE applications
 Default Packages:
sudo dnf groups info "KDE PIM"
Last metadata expiration check: 1:55:04 ago on qui 16 mai 2024 08:42:20.
Group: KDE PIM
 Description: Personal information management tools for KDE
 Default Packages:

You might have to let them out and install them afterwards, without them who push the KF5 dependencies.

No, unchecked them each time.

Not sure if I understand this, what does letting them out means?
Removing the listed packages from the groups they are part of?

I made a test in a VM while deactivate them to see if I still can find the dependency to kf5. I will give feedback …

As you can see from my code snippets this are sub groups. If applications of them are installed anyway, they get pushed from something else … not from the subgroup.
This means probably a kick-start file is pushing them into the clean KDE6 desktop or an app where uses it as a dependency.

This information would help The KDE team to clean this things up and give the users the chance to configure their own Config of KDE what makes sense because it is a spin and not really a fix workstation.

I think it would have been “leave them out” which I took to mean exclude them by unchecking the boxes as you already did.

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Unfortunately they get installed anyway … you can see them with:

sudo dnf groups list
Installed Environment Groups:
   KDE Plasma Workspaces
Installed Groups:
   Administration Tools
   Desktop accessibility

I had the same when i Installed the Workstation this way. Deselecting is not changing anything … you get the same as the workstation installs (in case of gnome desktop).

Clearly the LibreOffice got pushed anyway .

sudo dnf groups remove "LibreOffice"
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                        Architecture           Version                                               Repository                Size
 libreoffice-calc                               x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                  26 M
 libreoffice-emailmerge                         x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                  27 k
 libreoffice-graphicfilter                      x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 1.0 M
 libreoffice-impress                            x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 818 k
 libreoffice-writer                             x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                  12 M
Removing unused dependencies:
 Box2D                                          x86_64                 2.4.1-14.fc40                                         @fedora                  242 k
 autocorr-en                                    noarch                 1:                                     @updates                 289 k
 boost-date-time                                x86_64                 1.83.0-3.fc40                                         @fedora                   16 k
 boost-iostreams                                x86_64                 1.83.0-3.fc40                                         @fedora                   95 k
 boost-locale                                   x86_64                 1.83.0-3.fc40                                         @fedora                  606 k
 clucene-contribs-lib                           x86_64                          @fedora                  321 k
 clucene-core                                   x86_64                          @fedora                  2.0 M
 copy-jdk-configs                               noarch                 4.1-5.fc40                                            @fedora                   20 k
 google-carlito-fonts                           noarch                 1.103-0.24.20130920.fc40                              @fedora                  2.6 M
 google-crosextra-caladea-fonts                 noarch                 1:1.002-0.18.20130214.fc40                            @fedora                  251 k
 gstreamer1-plugins-good-gtk                    x86_64                 1.22.12-1.fc40                                        @updates                  68 k
 harfbuzz-icu                                   x86_64                 8.4.0-1.fc40                                          @updates                  16 k
 hyphen-en                                      noarch                 2.8.8-24.fc40                                         @fedora                  104 k
 java-21-openjdk-headless                       x86_64                 1:                                   @updates                 205 M
 javapackages-filesystem                        noarch                 6.2.0-9.fc40                                          @fedora                  1.9 k
 libabw                                         x86_64                 0.1.3-15.fc40                                         @fedora                  265 k
 libargon2                                      x86_64                 20190702-5.fc40                                       @fedora                   49 k
 libcdr                                         x86_64                 0.1.7-17.fc40                                         @fedora                  858 k
 libcmis                                        x86_64                 0.6.2-5.fc40                                          @fedora                  1.1 M
 libe-book                                      x86_64                 0.1.3-35.fc40                                         @fedora                  446 k
 libeot                                         x86_64                 0.01-31.fc40                                          @fedora                   77 k
 libepubgen                                     x86_64                 0.1.1-18.fc40                                         @fedora                  376 k
 libetonyek                                     x86_64                 0.1.11~20230802.git9c3a8cb-5.fc40                     @fedora                  2.3 M
 libexttextcat                                  x86_64                 3.4.6-9.fc40                                          @fedora                  458 k
 libfreehand                                    x86_64                 0.1.2-23.fc40                                         @fedora                  437 k
 liblangtag                                     x86_64                 0.6.7-3.fc40                                          @fedora                  214 k
 liblangtag-data                                noarch                 0.6.7-3.fc40                                          @fedora                  2.1 M
 libmspub                                       x86_64                 0.1.4-32.fc40                                         @fedora                  412 k
 libmwaw                                        x86_64                 0.3.22-3.fc40                                         @fedora                  7.1 M
 libnumbertext                                  x86_64                 1.0.11-6.fc40                                         @fedora                  765 k
 libodfgen                                      x86_64                 0.1.8-11.fc40                                         @fedora                  741 k
 liborcus                                       x86_64                 0.19.2-4.fc40                                         @fedora                  1.6 M
 libpagemaker                                   x86_64                 0.0.4-23.fc40                                         @fedora                  155 k
 libqxp                                         x86_64                 0.0.2-26.fc40                                         @fedora                  320 k
 libreoffice-core                               x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 292 M
 libreoffice-data                               x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 3.3 M
 libreoffice-gtk3                               x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 1.9 M
 libreoffice-gtk4                               x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 1.7 M
 libreoffice-help-en                            x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                  28 M
 libreoffice-kf6                                x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 792 k
 libreoffice-langpack-en                        x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 172 k
 libreoffice-ogltrans                           x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 313 k
 libreoffice-opensymbol-fonts                   noarch                 1:                                     @updates                 440 k
 libreoffice-pdfimport                          x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 599 k
 libreoffice-pyuno                              x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 1.7 M
 libreoffice-ure                                x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 6.6 M
 libreoffice-ure-common                         x86_64                 1:                                     @updates                 2.4 M
 librevenge                                     x86_64                 0.0.5-7.fc40                                          @fedora                  753 k
 libstaroffice                                  x86_64                 0.0.7-13.fc40                                         @fedora                  2.2 M
 libvisio                                       x86_64                 0.1.7-23.fc40                                         @fedora                  660 k
 libwpd                                         x86_64                 0.10.3-19.fc40                                        @fedora                  686 k
 libwpg                                         x86_64                 0.3.4-3.fc40                                          @fedora                  165 k
 libwps                                         x86_64                 0.4.14-3.fc40                                         @fedora                  2.0 M
 libzmf                                         x86_64                 0.0.2-34.fc40                                         @fedora                  181 k
 lksctp-tools                                   x86_64                 1.0.19-6.fc40                                         @fedora                  270 k
 lpsolve                                        x86_64                                              @fedora                  704 k
 lua                                            x86_64                 5.4.6-5.fc40                                          @fedora                  598 k
 lua-posix                                      x86_64                 36.2.1-6.fc40                                         @fedora                  600 k
 mythes                                         x86_64                 1.2.5-6.fc40                                          @fedora                   27 k
 mythes-en                                      noarch                 3.0-39.fc40                                           @fedora                   21 M
 raptor2                                        x86_64                 2.0.15-43.fc40                                        @fedora                  564 k
 rasqal                                         x86_64                 0.9.33-28.fc40                                        @fedora                  867 k
 redland                                        x86_64                 1.0.17-37.fc40                                        @fedora                  506 k
 tzdata-java                                    noarch                 2024a-5.fc40                                          @updates                 102 k
 xmlsec1-nss                                    x86_64                 1:1.2.37-7.fc40                                       @fedora                  197 k
 yajl                                           x86_64                 2.1.0-23.fc40                                         @fedora                   91 k
 zxcvbn-c                                       x86_64                 2.5-2.fc40                                            @fedora                  3.3 M
Removing Groups:

Transaction Summary
Remove  72 Packages

Freed space: 645 M

In KDE the same as you can see from the command above. Some kick-start files (i guess) do just overwriting your selection you made or maybe they come with the Administration Tools.

Which work-group is maintaining the spins ?

So my conclusion, with the tools we have, a slim install is not possible to get from the beginning on. You just have to clean up trash afterwards what uses a lot of bandwidth on installation in case of libreoffice (Freed space: 645 M)

First of all, thanks for doing this on your end @ilikelinux
Your feedback has been helpful in learning and understanding how fedora is put together.

Following your feedback, I looked up which groups I have installed. They are different from your output.

sudo dnf groups list
Installed Environment Groups:
   KDE Plasma Workspaces
Installed Groups:
   Administration Tools
   Desktop accessibility
   KDE (K Desktop Environment)
   Hardware Support
   Sound and Video

Based on this, the installer seems to have done it’s job of only installing the bare minimum for me, which it did not for your install?

At the same time, the original question of qt5 and kf5 is still unresolved.

That should be KDE-SIG for plasma desktop.

I was looking at the all currently installed packages installed packages, I found few interesting package. you should have a look at it too if you still have the virtual machine L.S.

I tried to removed phonon-qt5

dnfrm "phonon-qt5"
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                           Architecture                   Version                                 Repository                        Size
 phonon-qt5                                        x86_64                         4.12.0-5.fc40                           @fedora                          672 k
Removing dependent packages:
 kio-extras-kf5                                    x86_64                         24.02.2-1.fc40                          @updates                         4.8 M
Removing unused dependencies:
 kdsoap                                            x86_64                         2.2.0-4.fc40                            @fedora                          377 k
 kf5-kactivities                                   x86_64                         5.115.0-1.fc40                          @fedora                          459 k
 kf5-kactivities-stats                             x86_64                         5.115.0-1.fc40                          @fedora                          360 k
 kf5-kdnssd                                        x86_64                         5.115.0-1.fc40                          @fedora                          221 k
 kf5-syntax-highlighting                           x86_64                         5.115.0-1.fc40                          @fedora                          2.4 M
 libkexiv2-qt5                                     x86_64                         24.02.2-1.fc40                          @updates                         368 k
 phonon-qt5-backend-vlc                            x86_64                         0.12.0-3.fc40                           @fedora                          273 k
 qt5-qtimageformats                                x86_64                         5.15.13-1.fc40                          @fedora                          419 k
 qt5-qttools-common                                noarch                         5.15.13-1.fc40                          @fedora                          7.5 k
 qt5-qttools-libs-designer                         x86_64                         5.15.13-1.fc40                          @fedora                          4.9 M

Transaction Summary
Remove  12 Packages

Freed space: 15 M
Is this ok [Y/n]:

There is also maliit-framework-qt5 and plasma-integration-qt5. Removing these will lead to breaking the desktop as it takes away critical packages along with all of qt5 and kf5.

Based on this, I’m guessing this is for backward compatibility and help transition to qt6 and kf6.

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