Could someone please tell me how I can install plasma-mobile without the full plasma desktop? I installed the rpm using yum but I also got installed the full plasma desktop (which includes the plasma settings rather than the plasma-mobile settings). I installed it from:

Also, installed the 5.27.10-1 version but I noticed there is also a version 6 for F40 and F41?!

Many thanks

I’m running it on a Surface GO (10" touchscreen) and so far it seems to work much better than Gnome or Plasma.

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Please write a bug report so this reaches the maintainers. The RPM seems to have a packaging issue, not correctly listing dependencies.

As a workaround you could use this DNF argument, if the settings are only listed as a weak dependency

dnf install --setopt=install_weak_deps=false plasma-mobile

But this is not the solution, as such an app should not be listed as weak dependency.

Thanks very much. I’ve raised bug 2267742 – Installing plasma-mobile installs full plasma DE.
So your workaround would be to install F39 without a desktop using Fedora Everything and then run your command?

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Yeah something like that. But be aware that fedora everything is broken and will lack at least wifi drivers and there is no option to add them through anaconda.

Actually I did a fresh install of Plasma using Fedora Everything and it all worked fine including WIFI so I guess that’s fixed.

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