Is there a lightweight DE/WM that resembles Gnome/KDE in terms of workflow?

I’ve tried out several lightweight desktop environments and window managers (XFCE, LXQt, LXDE, MATE, IceWM, TWM, etc.). They all (with some rare exceptions) have windows with thin frames that are hard to grub, you can’t just snap a window at the side or top of the screen, Super+Arrow shortcuts do not work for window snapping, Super+Digit shortcuts do not work for dock, and pressing Super doesn’t do anything.

Some of them have parts of familiar functionality: MATE has window snapping and IceWM opens App Menu if you press Super (though without search), but I didn’t find any that would have every part necessary for the familiar (from modern demanding DEs) workflow out of the box. Not to mention they tend to have admittedly ugly designs.

I know that you probably can reconfigure any of them to do all that things, but is there a lightweight DE/WM (that would take below 256 or at least 512 MiB of RAM) that does these things out of the box?

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