Caffeine alternative on without Gnome

Hey all,

I have recently started using a minimal (custom) fedora desktop. I installed fedora using the server minimal opton and added my display manager, environment, etc.

I used to be able to run caffiene on my arch desktop and I want to do the same here, however, I can’t seem to work out either A) What is currently turning off the display/puting my system to sleep or B) How to simply get the caffiene application installed on my system.

Any advice or insight would be great.

Thanks in advanced!

Which display manager are you using?
Did you set up i3lock?

Depending on what you want to do this may be a simple as setting up a shell script to toggle the screensaver/dpms.

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Hey @grumpey,

I am using LightDM as my display manager, I use light-locker as my display locker.

I tired installing xset, however, it doesnt seem to be working.


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Did you try xautolock -disable j

light-locker also has some commands:
light-locker-command -inhibit

Inhibit the screensaver from activating. Terminate the light-locker-command process to end inhibition.

or light-locker-command -poke

Poke the running locker to simulate user activity

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I ended up installing xset and created a script based on the link you provided previously without the xautolock (because I dont have xautolock on my system)