Xscreensaver problem

I recently installed F 35 with Xfce on a new laptop. as I prefer it, I replaced the xfce4 screensaver with xscreensaver and configured it not to lock the screen at any time whatsoever. However, it still does. Investigating, I learned that xscreensaver uses the helper program xscreensaver-systemd to lock the screen even though I’ve told it not to. How can I force xscreensaver to do things the way I want or would I have to go back to the far less versatile xfce4-screensaver?

systemctl disable xscreensaver-systemd

Failed to disable unit: Unit file xscreensaver-systemd.service does not exist.

Xscreensaver-systemd is a helper application for xscreensaver.

May be you can try to find the service with:

systemctl | grep -iE sreensaver

# Or if it user session service
systemctl --user | grep -iE screensaver

There also a way to disable it via app (base on this doc), but I’m not sure if this will disable also the systemd service as what you looking for. But I think it should be work and you can apply the ~/.xscreensaver immediately (logout and login again) after disabling xfce4-screensaver from the gui since Xfce4 also using xorg.

man xscreensaver-systemd shows that it’s a helper application and not really something that systemd controls. Nice idea, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Hi again. Would you like to share what exactly you want to achieve (special usage) of xscreensaver package? May be we can find an alternative way to achieve it.

I just tried it with my Fedora i3 spin, and wow it make me remember the old day. Nice.

I don’t want to have my screen locked at any time and have configured xscreensaver to work like that. Currently, xscreensaver-systemd ignores that setting and I’m considering reporting it as a bug.

I think I know know xscreensaver-systemd only launched by xscreensaver. You need to run xscreensaver on user session startup either by creating another systemd service, xfce startup app, or add it to .bashrc.

I tried to search on internet and found this. Look like it have lot of different scenarios on how to set it as start up.

Find in installation part.


Have you checked the xfce power manager settings?

Doing that would start it whenever I opened a terminal, which I do quite often.

What do the power manager settings have to do with locking the screen?

Under the security tab there is a setting, lock screen when going to sleep.

Thank you; it was actually on the System tab as there’s not a Security tab. Now to see if it works.

You’re right, .bashrc not a good idea and it will not work correctly.

It didn’t work at all. I’m still having to enter my password to unlock the screen. Thanx anyway.

From an older topic i do have in mind, that xscreensaver and xfce4-screensaver do not love each other.

you might have to try to deinstall xfce4-screensaver if it is possible.

About password, there a dirty way to edit.

If you’re using xfce4-screensaver edit file /etc/pam.d/xfce4-screensaver and comment everything inside it.

#auth include system-auth
#auth optional pam_gnome_keyring.so

If you’re using xscreensaver edit file /etc/pam.d/xscreensaver also coment everything inside it.


# Fedora Core 5:
#auth       include	system-auth

# SuSE 9.0: (along with "configure --with-passwd-helper" and "unix2_chkpwd")
# auth     required       pam_unix2.so	nullok

# Distant past:
# auth       required	/lib/security/pam_pwdb.so shadow nullok

# Account validation
#account include system-auth

After that logout or login again. It will remove for requiring to insert password after wakeup or back from screen saver.

I did that when I installed xscreensaver, as I didn’t want the two conflicting with each other

Configuring xsxreensaver not to lock the screen should do the same thing, but it doesn’t.

Have a look with loginctl if you can configure something to avoid lock your session.