Budgie: Where can I find specs for LTS, drive space required, RAM recommendations

Dear Colleagues,

As a public service, I refurbish computers and the donate them to good causes – such as a non-proft that helps kids with cancer.

I have successfully converted several Chromebooks (that no longer get Chrome security updates because they have passed their AUE dates) to Fedora Budgie. I was wondering where I could find documentation/specs for the following

  • Until what date will the current version of Budgie get Long Term Support (LTS)?

  • How much space on the drive (SSD) is recommended for Budgie?

  • How much RAM is recommended for Budgie?

Thanks for any assistance!


The official specs for hardware running fedora is located at

Note that most users will want both more RAM and possibly more drive space.

The fedora release cycle is a new version approximately 6 months, normally about April and October, and each version is only supported and upgraded for about 13 months past initial release.

Fedora seems not a good choice if one wants an LTS distro. A better choice for LTS might be Ubuntu, Mint, or the like. This does not mean Fedora is not a great distro, merely that it is not intended for LTS requirements.

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Fedora releases are supported for 13 months.

Yes, supported for 13 months, with many many updates of packages and kernels over that time.

Thus Fedora is far from the LTS world which is aimed at stability and most, such as ubuntu LTS, remain stable for 2 years before the next release with only minimal security fixes over that period.