Budgie Desktop on Fedora?


Is there anyway to install the budgie desktop on fedora 31? As far as I can see it is not in the repos and there is no copr to install it. This is one of my favorite desktops so it would be lovely if i could run it.

Hello @moop, It appears you have to download and use it with the Solus OS.

I found this link, but the comments say it’s not a good idea.

I have seen the DE running on Debian and Arch so I was wondering if I could. I have tried a copr in the past with no luck but this looks like a new one so I’ll try it out

no joy, it’s sad this is an amazeing DE i wish that fedora would pay a bit more attention the the other desktops, even the spins are tucked away.

Well, Debian uses RPM’s last time I checked so you could download their rpm and install it or point to their repo and install it from there.


This is largely because the spins are not the official fedora offering, they are community driven projects and therefore are distinct.
On the topic of Budgie, have you considered the Mate spin? Also the Debian repos are found here I believe. You could add their repo(s) to dnf with sudo dnf repo --enablerepo <repo url> I think.

There are some good tips in the comments around doing this, so a definite must read for anyone trying it I think.

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Having used debian in the past they use .debs not .rpms, I had the same thought and tryed to install it from the SUSE repos but SUSE .rpms are not compatible with Fedora/Red hat .rpms

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is there a list somewere of repos that do work?

Ah, okay that answers that then. It does look as though Budgie is, if not a derivative of Mate, a user of some of Mate’s stuff. You could always try to build from source as I believe the sources were available from Solus. Good luck, and keep us posted here please. There are very likely other who feel as you about the DE.

Fedora isn’t the problem. There’s a lot of DEs on Fedora and different spins too. The issue is that the Budgie developers only focus on their own Linux distro; Solus OS. Even though Budgie is based on Gnome libraries, they don’t make it very distro agnostic.

Alph4Num3ric Budgie is available on Ubuntu as an official flavour.

That’s because there’s a team that manages that “Spin” of Ubuntu. They’re aren’t from the Budgie team, they’re part of the Ubuntu community. Maybe someone will start (or there already is) a Fedora S.I.G. (Special Interest Group) that wants to focus on a Budgie Spin for Fedora?

That’s close enough for me, the rest is semantics. The Ubuntu Budgie team give better support than I have experienced on any other flavour of any distribution.

That’s fine. I was just explaining that the core Budgie team doesn’t maintain the Budgie spin of Ubuntu. Members of the Ubuntu community do.

anyone succeeded on Fedora 36 workstation?

Currently Budgie Desktop packages is exist in Fedora atm. But not as a Live ISO or anything If you install proper package It should be work. Fedora 36 should be fine to install it. I don’t know actual full status so you have to try out.

Also reddit thread from current packager and developer of budgie desktop : https://www.reddit.com/r/Fedora/comments/uq3gah/budgie_desktop_has_now_been_submitted_for/

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Some update :

Update2 : https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/FedoraBudgie

Creation of an official Fedora Spin shipping the Budgie Desktop environment.

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