Boxes Has Connection Issues


I am having little success with Boxes.

I am running a fresh install of Fedora 30 in a VMWare virtual machine.

I also have a laptop with an existing Fedora 30 installation as the sole OS.

The following list applies to both installations above:

I can connect RDP to a windows PC, but the screen stays blank. Running Remote Desktop from Windows connects as expected. Boxes connects, asks for credentials, but no desktop appears.

I can create an ssh connection to other Linux machines.

I can’t connect to other Linux machines with vnc or RDP.

I have TigerVNC server installed and I believe, enabled.

All of the web help for Boxes make it look like it is soooo easy to use.

They don’t mention any details about prerequisite packages, settings or utilities that should be installed or configured.

SO my question is, what do I have to install / configure to get boxes to remote connect to other machines?

Thanks so much for your help!


Never mind guys! I figured it out on my own.
However, I by no means consider myself an expert.
Any direction as to how to’s or handy tips will still be greatly appreciated.