Unable to rdp from ms windows to fedora 37

Have been using fedora - updated 37 and been trying to connect to this fedora from windows. After I put in my fedora id and passwd, i get a black window and it exits.
I know the ip, user id/passwd I am using is correct.

On the fedora side, I see a couple of errors in syslog:

[ERROR] sesman_data_in: scp_process_msg failed
sesman_main_loop: trans_check_wait_objs failed, removing trans

[INFO]window manager (pid…, display 10) exited with non-zero exit code 127 and signal 0. This could indicate a window manager problem

Any ideas on this? as this would be really helpful to have available.



What software are you using on windows to connect the fedora?
Ssh? Something else?

windows rdp client - mstsc. I get the xrdp login with the only session manager being xvnc. I try to login using my fedora id and black window that just shuts down in a second.

Have you installed VNC on the Fedora system?

Yes, I have installed tigervnc on fedora. Not sure if ive gotten the install/setup correct. But followed steps. Maybe the display # im using as one? not sure.
At least I know its not an auth error. If I put in wrong passwd, I get an auth error.
Almost seems like vncserver not being able to start session correctly.

Forgot to mention, enabled and started the vncserver via systemctl.

I would look for messages from the service to see if it is providing clues to why its failing.
What does systemctl status vncserver and journalctl ( use --since to only see logs around the time you try to connect) have to say?