Bios knowledge

Is it really good to change uefi bios to something like coreboot libre boot i find they are good we should use them but i don’t know how to i have contacted with my oem to install coreboot or libre boot they are denying this. Does anyone know about.

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Unfortunately, there are very few compatible models, which support status you can check on the coreboot/libreboot sites, and part of those are WIP/incomplete.
Be ready to lose your OEM/vendor guarantee/support if you decide to flash a third-party firmware.
Also be aware that flashing has significant risks to brick the device, especially if something goes wrong.

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How can i check this.

If we have a guide by fedora or other verify source send it

@vgaetera already told you

Those are not related to fedora in any way since it is third party bios replacements. A simple search will give you as much information as is available to any of us.

A search for ‘coreboot vs libreboot’ gave me ~24,000 results.

The make/model is the hardware that they support.

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Thanks all