Bi-weekly meeting for Matrix SIG (or, Matrix Team?)

Hey all! I’d like to propose that the Matrix SIG start having formal meetings. I’d like to help start that, and then hand this over to someone else — I’ve realized very strongly that while I like having this service available, it’s not my passion… and we need a team of people for whom it is.

Proposed first meeting agenda

  1. Form a group to draft formal membership rules and team structure
  2. Update/agree on Official Fedora Chat launch checklist and make sure each action has someone assigned to it
  3. Find someone to organize and run the next meeting, which I hope (take this in the best way possible!) to not be at. :classic_smiley:


I am interested in (note multiple choice):
  • being part of the Matrix Team
  • attending this meeting
  • attending future meetings
  • helping write end-user docs
  • helping write team policies
  • being a Fedora Chat moderator
  • just watching from the sidelines!

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I’d do the “what time works” thing as a poll here, but … too many options for that to be reasonable. Therefore:

The available times are ones that I can be there for. If it turns out that this doesn’t work very well, but there’s a lot of interest, there’s a an alternate option, which is: someone else with a more flexibile schedule could volunteer to run the meeting. I really shouldn’t be a blocker on anything here. (Comment below.)

It’d be nice to have some of our long-serving IRC ops folks involved too, even if they’re not here already. @nb I know you’re interested in both — can you drop this to the rest of those folks to see if anyone is interested.

I’m in. I added my whenisgood.

I still hope to write up docs once the post holidays fires are stamped out.

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Hmmm. Sooo, we have 8 people interested in attending the meeting, and only three respondents to the when-is-good — yielding NO times that work for more than two people (plus me). Let’s try again for after

I’ve edited the whenisgood to be the week of February 7th (@glb @kevin @siddharthvipul1 sorry this invalidated your responses… please provide again?). I’ve got some other meetings, but if there’s a time which works best for most people I’ll move 'em. Again, that’s

And if you’re just seeing this now… you can join even if you’re seeing this after the poll in the top post is closed. I’d like to make sure we have at least 4 or 5 people other than me there.

I am in the middle of a move, most likely have more time in months time …

So that wasn’t any better. :-/

I guess we’ll have to figure out an async approach.

Well, the big thing we need now is docs right? Then after that it should be a hopefully low level of requests for new rooms and moderation. moderation can hopefully be picked up somewhat by folks most active/interested in the room.

It would be nice to also look at automating things/tooling, but that could also be under the infrastructure team ( @ryanlerch was already working on matrix bots)

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Yeah, primary docs, but we also need to make sure we have adequate moderation coverage in all rooms, and some sort of formal team to help keep an eye on things — I don’t want there to be no resort but code of conduct tickets if there’s a probelm.