2024-02-01 DEI Team meeting summary

Hi folks :wave:

Today we had our bi-weekly meeting, this time as a text meeting on Matrix!

Chair: @jonatoni
Attendees (name, FAS ID, pronouns):

  • Robert Wright (rwright) - he / him / his - @rwright
  • Marie Nordin (riecatnor) - she / her / hers - @riecatnor
  • Amita Sharma (amsharma) - @amsharma
  • Emma Kidney (ekidney) - she / her / hers - @ekidney
  • Sarah Thornton (she/her) - @sarah-thornton
  • Jona Azizaj (jonatoni) - she / her / hers - @jonatoni

Team announcements & news

DEI Advisor updates to the team

Ticket discussions & notes

Open floor

  • Creative freedom summit went so well! The program of speakers was wonderfully diverse this year. :clap: :tada:
  • Soon, we will start working on Fedora Week of Diversity. If someone wants to volunteer, please comment on the ticket. :pray:

For more details, check out the Matrix meeting notes: Meetbot Logs

See you all in two weeks! :tada:

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