Battery charging thresholds disappeared

Hello everyone,

I am using Fedora 39 Silverblue on a Thinkpad. I have set my battery charging thresholds via


This has been working perfectly fine for many years. But after updating and rebooting the machine, those files have disappeared and I no longer have control over the battery charging thresholds. I can’t create the files because Silverblue uses a read-only filesystem. How do I fix this?

This is not Silverblue specific. Those are kernel files. It’s likely a kernel updates that created this issue. Do you have a working deployment and a failing one to compare?

You should likely file a bug for the kernel in Fedora’s Bugzilla.

No, I don’t have a working deployment to compare. There was a span of several weeks between when I last observed that the charging thresholds were being respected, and when I first noticed that the battery was up to 100%. This change could have happened anywhere in that time period and I only keep the second-most recent deployment around.