Battery threshold methods supports in Silverblue

Hello. I wanted to check if there are compatible methods for battery threshold using Silverblue. I understand that some power management methods are incompatible with each other and Silverblue still doesn’t support dkms.

Is there any current method to manage battery threshold in Silverblue? My specific case is for a ThinkPad (T495)

Hello @diazbastian ,
OOTB on Silverblue with Gnome you have gnome-power-manager which uses the underlying powerprofiles daemon and provides a desktop adjust/view widget along with the ones at the top right of the DE. You can also add a gnome extension that gives greater fine tuning capabilities which I haven’t tried on my Lenovo E530 yet.

I know, I’m aware of it, but I can’t find a tool that doesn’t use dkms. I think that currently with power-profiles-daemon, it is even more difficult to use alternative software without causing conflicts. Currently power-profiles-daemon does not offer a battery threshold (charging limits).

On the other hand, there was a problem where in devices with AMD hardware the energy profiles did not work. I think they should work now, but I haven’t tested it. Look at this Phoronix post.

For these things I am avoiding using only fedora and especially Silverblue on this laptop.

I have just yesterday tried the Lenovo battery threshold Gnome Extension. It allows me to adjust, enable/disable thresholds for charging, including the backup battery if the laptop is capable of having one. It seems to work fine but I had to enable it every time I booted it up. On a related note, if I have my AC power unplugged and the laptop suspends, I cannot reliably get the laptop to get to the login screen it seems to hang in the restart process with no visual indication that anything is happening. Once you plug the power back in the boot process continues normally. I have to test this some more.

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I am currently using this extension on my thinkpad t460s and its working fine

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Thank you for your answers. I’m going to try this extension to see how it works.