Bad perfomance f38, i5 8400k, 16gb RAM, gtx 1060 6gb, dual monitors(2k*60, 1080p*60)

Problem is bad perfomance on fedora 38 on i5 8400, gtx 1060 6gb, 16gb RAM, one ssd and even one 2k monitor

Overheating, throttling(maybe), problem with drivers

I have recently bought a 2k monitor for my configuration. I started using it and step by step i met with problems of any sort. Mostly my processor which is i5 8400k started having time to time heavy load - it works as often and in a second stuff like gnome-shell or jvm(nothing new) loads it for 400 or 500 percents(i have six-core one). Sometime i even notice freezes just on a desktop, with no processes or with some basic ones(terminal: top, mozzila firefox with 2 regular pages). I even had to reinstall fedora, Nvidia proprietary drives many time(even by myself with no using dnf) and all you can imagine. I cant really believe my system cannot deal with fedora on a 2k monitor. My GPU doesnt even loads for 20 percents. Whats the deal? Please, help. Ill give you any information you want.

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Bugzilla report: #NNNN


None yet.

here is current load

Ill try to tell smthin else. Secure boot is off, no games played, only programming and series once in a while. I dont really think such configuration cant stand two monitors for a regular, light use

Just to confirm: This problem started when you added the second monitor, and things are fine if you remove it temporarily?

its really hard to guess, because there are many variables. Since the reply of mine, i checked temperatures of cpu and gpu, so there were nothing outstanding even at the time of mysterious freezes. For cpu its always about 40 degrees, so is for the gpu. When i use workstation live, there is nothing freezing. As for my ssd which is used for fedora, its alright too. Must say that my gpu have only one hdmi, so i bought dp to hdmi. Currently im using only this 2k and it is quite alright even for swing lib of java, but earlier it was almost killing all the system till refreshing the session(when fedora kicks me out to the login screen). Its really hard to concrete, because many things were done, so im still trying to reveal the root. Since the appeal to askFedora i maxed rpm for coolers, so now its (fedora) not dying, but i hardly believe i solved it and maxing out rpm helped. Every driver is up-to-date. Can i show you? What else to concrete? Thanks for paying attention. Im still looking for the root.

My experience with installing F38 on an Asus M15 laptop has been somewhat similar. Slow, laggy performance with monitor connected. Seems to have improved after Googling this problem and installing rpm-fusion, but still somewhat laggy. CPU and GPU temperatures are now down from 90 and 80+ to 70C. Will try installing latest Nvidia driver next and let you know if that helps, though you’ve apparently done that already.