Automatic various windows arrangement

I dragged file#1 and threw it to the left corner of main monitor, file#3 and file#4 to the left and right of the external monitor. All of them automatically stretched into 50% and into the corners by themselves.

But I could not do that with file#2. Can you please teach me how to do ?

And is it possible to open all those 4 files in only the external monitor with automatic 25% stretching?


You should also be able to do the same with file 2—you just need to find the right boundary where this action is activated. You can also use the keyboard shortcut: super + right/left/up. For more on this, please see Settings > Keyboard > Keyboard shortcuts > Windows.

Please note that these gestures/keymappings work on Gnome (Fedora Workstation) but may not work on other desktop environments who may have their own keymappings/gestures.

Gnome does not include functionality to “tile” windows to 25% of the screen. You can use an extension such as gTile that adds this functionality, or you can even switch to a tiling window manager such as i3:


Thank you so much for your explanation.

Using mouse, file 2 can meet only the right boundary. I can drag it only up and down on the right boundary.

When I threw it to the right boundary, it went to the external monitor.

When I used Super + Right, it worked as needed.

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I’m not sure—perhaps the right border isn’t active in this scenario as it extends on to the other screen. Very odd, though. I’ll test it out when I use my external monitor next time.

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I finally found the way as you previously described.
Just click at in front of the minimize button( no.1), drag and drop it at in front of the Wi-Fi icon(no.2).

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