Gnome shortcut to move window up and down on screen

Hi all,

I am using Fedora 30 with the latest Gnome shell installed. I use 2 monitors and my secondary one is in portrait mode, hence I have a lot of vertical space.

My workflow relies a lot on keyboard shortcuts, and usually I move some windows to my secondary monitor with Super+Shift+Left. At this point pressing Super+Up will maximize the window and Super+Down will resize it back as it was. What I would love to do with a keyboard shortcut is to be able to push a windows on the top part or lower part of the monitor. Having a vertical monitor allows me nicely to have 2 applications open one on the top and one on the bottom.

Currently I can push the 2 windows with keyboard shortcuts and then use the mouse to arrange them.


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I set my laptop display to portrait to test this out. I had hoped that the “super + left” and “super + right” shortcuts which currently tile windows to the left and right halves of the screen in landscape mode would then tile windows vertically to the top and bottom halves, but this did not happen.

I think this is a great request for enhancement (RFE), and should not be too hard to implement too. Would you please consider filing this against gnome-shell so that it can be discussed with the devs?

It may even be already reported, but I didn’t look too hard.

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That’s what I tried initially as well Super+Left and Super+Right (it felt logical to do that), but alas it didn’t work.

I will definitely do a request for enhancement but it will have to be a bit later, or maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for the link and cheers for the effort of testing it out yourself :wink:

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Did you look at this extension?

It seems to be capable to arrange windows in many ways, also using keyboard shortcuts.

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No, but I’ll look into it.