Author volunteers needed for Magazine articles for Fedora 38 release

Fedora Beta 38 release Issue #172: Prepare Fedora Linux Beta 38 release announcement - fedora-magazine-newsroom -

What’s New in Fedora 3 Issue #173: Prepare What's New in Fedora Linux 38 Article - fedora-magazine-newsroom -

Final Release of fedora 38 Issue #174: Announce Fedora 38 final release - fedora-magazine-newsroom -

Rebasing Silverblue Issue #175: Rebasing Fedora Linux 38 Silverblue - fedora-magazine-newsroom -


Richard, should I move this to News & Announcements — or perhaps a commblog post?

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Please do what you and @glb feel is appropriate.

TBH I regularly get confused about our communication channels. Any source of enlightenment would be appreciated. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Hi Richard, I’m a contributor to fedora-docs but have not written for magazine previously. I’d be delighted to take one of these on, if you think it’s appropriate?

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Hi Richard, I’ve recently migrated to Fedora from Windows and am actively exploring and learning all aspects of the system. Fedora Magazine articles are really interesting and helpful!

As a new user, I do not have the holistic and in-depth technical knowledge of the internals yet, but hopefully getting there eventually. At the moment I’m on Silverblue F39.

Will be happy to contribute. If you think this will work, please pm with hints and instructions.

Thanks for starting this, @rlengland ! Is issue #173 the workstation release article?

The F38 Beta announcement is written and waiting for @mattdm’s edits.

Writing release announcements, etc, is one of the few parts of my daily work that I truly enjoy, but I don’t mind sharing. However, as a general principle, it’s probably best to not have an open call for writing the project’s official announcements, IMO.


My apologies for jumping in incorrectly, @bcotton. I’m not intimately involved in some of the “chain of command” intricacies in the release cycle.

Eh, it’s not terrible. I’d rather have someone over-concerned about making sure it happens than have it forgotton accidentally. :classic_smiley:

I agree with Ben on the announcement posts, but I think the “what’s new” ones would welcome some new contributors.

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@aday No #173 is the Workstation PRE-release article. What’s new.

The actual release article is #174 which I’m assuming @bcotton may take care of as he is for the Beta release article #172

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