Surprise! Fedora Linux 38 is here!

Fedora Linux 38 is coming to you a week early!

Our release schedule has two dates: a main target date (which you
should usually expect) and an "early" target (which is is kind of
like the thing where you set your clock five minutes early so
you're not late). This time around, thanks to the hard work of our
amazing community, we've met our release criteria at the early
target, so we're releasing today!

And that's not all! We have a shiny new website built by our
amazing Websites & Apps team. The "" address you may
be familiar with will still work, but will take you right to the
new site at

Read the details in our Fedora Magazine article at:


or download install media from:


or, of course, just upgrade your already-installed systems, which
shouldn't take much longer than brewing and enjoying a nice cup of
coffee. Enjoy!