Fedora Linux 37 release - Oct 2022 marketing campaign

Where we are in the process

Thanks for those who participated in the vote for our next marketing campaign topic. The winning topic is the Fedora 37 release! Below is the issue where the topic was decided for reference.

Next step is for each person who wants to participate to name one thing they would like to do to contribute to the marketing campaign. Below is our current SOP proposal for how marketing campaign production runs. Please list and give updates on how you want to contribute in this thread.


  • Producing the content: Sep 10-30
  • Voting on our next topic: Sep 25 - Oct 1
  • Publishing the content: Oct 1-31

Ideally anything we want to make will be complete and ready to go live by Sep 30. Then with the team and the rest of the community we can coordinate when we want each piece to go live depending on what was covered and any other constraints.

Last notes

When it comes to the announcing and making a big deal about Fedora 37, the Marketing Team is only one group within our whole community that will be doing something. I’m sure the Council, Mindshare Committee, Fedora Magazine, Design Team, and many others will also be doing their own things to promote the upcoming release.

Plugging into the marketing campaign that we run is just one way for you to potentially contribute if you would like to. We’re a cross-functional team anyway so it’s likely we’ll ask questions to other teams too. :slight_smile:

Feel free to collaborate with us in this thread, using the #marketing tag in this forum, or by our chatting in our Matrix channel!


My main contribution will probably be a blog post again, but I’m not sure what to write about. I’m sure someone higher up our project’s organization will be handling the official F37 announcement, but if anyone from the Magazine team or otherwise has related topics they would like covered, toss them too me.

I’m only signing up for one article for now. We’ll see how the month goes for me IRL to be able to do more, lol.

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As always, I’m up for graphic design/social media work. I already have some F37 promotion material ready to go, depending only on @isagordillo to help organize the schedule and posting. Here’s what I’ve got for now:


Our Sep 15 meeting reflects some action items for this campaign.

Hey, thanks to both of you for this awesome work. I’ve awarded you both the Blessing of the FPL:



Hey folks, I have commented around in GitLab but thought this would be a nice time to say hello and introduce myself. :wave: I’m Justin, and I came on this month as the next FCAIC. Not so long ago, I chaired the Marketing team for a few releases before @x3mboy took on chairing duties. Right now, I am reading a lot and slowly getting back up to speed on all things Fedora. So, I’m looking forward to keeping up more closely with Fedora Marketing topics. :raised_hands:

Thanks for kicking off this proposal. :100: I left a longer comment in the GitLab issue.

@joseph I am excited by everything happening here. Is there something that you think the Fedora Council or the Mindshare Committee could better help you with? I’d like to know more on how others can plug in and be a part of the marketing campaign. Is there somewhere I can read more about how to participate?

These stories and feed post images look great! Thanks to all involved in pulling these together. :partying_face:


Thanks so much for reaching out and congrats on your new role!

Status Update

We’re going through a kind of restructuring right now. We noticed that at the end of the day the marketing campaigns that we could do as of now consisted of social media posts (of which we could plan and produce a variety) and blog posts (which are harder and take longer to produce). In a more practical sense, I planned to write a blog post and Daimar, Isa, and others would plan and produce social media posts.

As we were trying this idea for regularly pushing out content, we found that we were building an airplane mid-flight because there were systems and procedures that still needed to get worked on while we also tried to manage deliverables. From my perspective, it was tough to have to think of a blog post to make and then add these high level tasks on top of that. For me, those important workflow decisions were what I put to the side.

At the same time I realized what Daimar and Isa probably already knew which was that the social media was our biggest value add by far. Yet we don’t have an organized way of creating and publishing posts in a way that works for them.

So that’s what we’re working on now. I’m still going to do the blog post I figured to do, but besides that we’re going to work on our processes so that it works for the team and then prioritize social media. After that I think we’ll come back around to this model of monthly campaigns if the team thinks it’s a good idea.


I don’t think there’s much we need in the way of support for now except manpower. Ideally we will iron out the main tasks we’re pivoting too before trying to reach out for new people. Things like:

  • Making documentation on how to join the team
  • SOP for submitting requests of the marketing team
  • Making a system for posting regularly
  • Simplifying how we churn through all of our other tasks
  • Switching meetings to being video calls versus being text-based

Well actually, we can always use mentorship and maybe even leadership! The issues we’re dealing with may be problems that have been solved throughout the community so maybe we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

But also of course other folks from the team can chime in with their thoughts!

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Thanks! :smiley:

I remember this workflow of syndicating content in multiple platforms was tricky in the past too. What do you think a more organized workflow would look like? Are there specific challenges that stand out that could be improved?

This sounds like a good plan. Defining processes can be overwhelming at first, but they often reduce friction when collaborating with others.

Public threads like this are a good way of surfacing questions and getting feedback. Y’all are doing great work! :raised_hands:

One question I have. Is there a team charter or mission statement for the Marketing Team? If not, it could be useful to define a charter that tells what Fedora Marketing is all about. This could mean coming up with a vision and mission statement for the Marketing Team. The charter would also be an entry point for newcomers to the team that compels them to participate. You can see examples of both here. You can see the Fedora Project vision and mission here.

My thinking is that this would also make onboarding easier because people will know better why they are doing what they are doing.

This is currently a work in progress. The current solution @isagordillo and I thought of would be to have all social media posts exist as tickets in GitLab.

Social media tickets will get an appropriate tag (example). The title will have the date to post the content at the front so that Isa and Daimar can sort largest to smallest and see what should be coming up. This date can be changed as needed.

Then in the ticket we would have some kind of template that asks for:

  • What social platform(s) this will be posted to
  • What that text will be
  • What graphics may be used
  • What links may be included

The rest of the ticket will be the place to work out each of these details, and as we complete each the ticket itself will be edited to include all of the information we need to post.

if a date is known for when we want to publish the content, we also want to represent that on a calendar somehow. Thinking of using the Fedora Calendar for this, but haven’t gotten to that point yet.

As you can see, this is a rough SOP already, lol. What we want is a clear way to see all the posts that we’re working on, what content should be in them, and when they should go out.

I think this is a great idea and should be integrated into the landing page and documentation we need to work on.

GitLab issues seems like a solid approach. The most important thing is that the team is all in on the new approach too. Documenting the steps you take as you go will also make it easier for others to follow later.

These seem like great questions for the template. :+1:

It would be insightful to hear what each team member believes is the current purpose or aim of Fedora Marketing!

To tie off the loose end of the October marketing campaign, I’ve moved my action item of a blog post over to a new ticket which can be found here.

Daimar already did his piece to announce the beta.

Hopefully we’ll be able to produce more with the new process we’re implementing, but still wanted to follow up.