Fedora Linux 37 release - Oct 2022 marketing campaign

Where we are in the process

Thanks for those who participated in the vote for our next marketing campaign topic. The winning topic is the Fedora 37 release! Below is the issue where the topic was decided for reference.

Next step is for each person who wants to participate to name one thing they would like to do to contribute to the marketing campaign. Below is our current SOP proposal for how marketing campaign production runs. Please list and give updates on how you want to contribute in this thread.


  • Producing the content: Sep 10-30
  • Voting on our next topic: Sep 25 - Oct 1
  • Publishing the content: Oct 1-31

Ideally anything we want to make will be complete and ready to go live by Sep 30. Then with the team and the rest of the community we can coordinate when we want each piece to go live depending on what was covered and any other constraints.

Last notes

When it comes to the announcing and making a big deal about Fedora 37, the Marketing Team is only one group within our whole community that will be doing something. I’m sure the Council, Mindshare Committee, Fedora Magazine, Design Team, and many others will also be doing their own things to promote the upcoming release.

Plugging into the marketing campaign that we run is just one way for you to potentially contribute if you would like to. We’re a cross-functional team anyway so it’s likely we’ll ask questions to other teams too. :slight_smile:

Feel free to collaborate with us in this thread, using the #marketing tag in this forum, or by our chatting in our Matrix channel!


My main contribution will probably be a blog post again, but I’m not sure what to write about. I’m sure someone higher up our project’s organization will be handling the official F37 announcement, but if anyone from the Magazine team or otherwise has related topics they would like covered, toss them too me.

I’m only signing up for one article for now. We’ll see how the month goes for me IRL to be able to do more, lol.

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As always, I’m up for graphic design/social media work. I already have some F37 promotion material ready to go, depending only on @isagordillo to help organize the schedule and posting. Here’s what I’ve got for now:

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Our Sep 15 meeting reflects some action items for this campaign.

Hey, thanks to both of you for this awesome work. I’ve awarded you both the Blessing of the FPL: