Authenticator TOTP codes invalid?

Hi everyone,

I was just exploring my options to see which 2FA software I would use. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck. Authenticator crashed a few time before even using it for the first time. After that , when I went to set up a TOTP , it wasn’t able t provide a 2FA code that worked.After that I installed OTPClient which also crashed and then was at least able to provide a valid 2FA code. But when I tried exporting the token , it was exported to a location that I am yet to find. On top of that , it’s large so I would prefer something smaller and functional so that I can rely it won’t crash and I will be able to export the token , in case of an issue.


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Which 2FA app are you using? Bitwarden has never failed me…

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Works pretty good for me , just had one instance where the code was invalid becasue KeepassXC does not the have synchronization option so I had to use Authy but because Authy isn’t FOSS it’s not a n option. KeepassXC is great but I want a separate software handling my 2FA tokens for security reasons. Bitwarden might might do the job , the only thing that worries me is the case where tokens get un-synced .Will try Bitwarden and I will let you know. The con for Bitwarden is that it is big in size but an AppImage exists.
Edit: It does exist.

I’ve never had an unsynced token issue with Bitwarden, but that is by no means conclusive. Since I “need” to use the manager cross-device and -platform and because KeePassXC isn’t available for Android, I had to look elsewhere.

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Understood and thank you both for the advice, it was helpful to say the least.Bitwardens AppImage is great and the only thing I have to figure out is if I will have to update it manually.Because the said AppImage does not seem to have a auto-update option, at least using AppImage Launcher.

You can use separate databases for security. What security reason is there to use different software?

For Android password managers, KeepassDX is pretty good, as is the classic Keepass2Android. For authenticator apps, there are several options such as Aegis, etc

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I tried that and I had a token sync issue which gave me a invalid output.So I had to import the token to Authy to sync the codes.If the same thing happens with Bitwarden, which I do hope won’t happen. I will have to start everything over and look for a FOSS 2FA software which can handle token sync properly. That kind of software should always be reliable.

If there is a sync issue, chances are it’s not with the OTP software choice. Is your computer clock off a bit maybe? Using NTP?

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That’s a good point about computer time being off, @fasulia, and is a known issue when Bitwarden fails to accurately sync…

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The ntp package has been obsoleted by ntpsec . And yes great point but the computers clock was synced. Performed a whole check and everything.The strange thing about the whole case was that when I used the token on an other setup the same thing happened. Only Authy helped me with the issue. Till this day I still don’t know what happened.

Odd, for sure.