Password manager in the default install

I think any OS should come with a password manager, i don’t even remember my wifi password by heart (its machine-generated), passwords are essential when setting up a new system because so much stuff has one in 2021. Most people use .kdbx, gnome has Password Safe app that handles these databases, on kde keepassxc can be used. What do you think?


Doesn’t Fedora already have that via Fx, GNOME keyring and KDE Wallet? Most people I know who aren’t satisfied with that go the Bitwarden route (myself included). keepass relies on various 3rd party apps for use with phones and browsers - so I believe that using that as a default would be problematic.


I’m a big fan of keepass. I’ve moved onto KeepassXC though. The KeepassXC browser plugin is pretty incredible and KeepassDX for android is pretty neat too.

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