2fa software with a sync option?

Hi, I have tried using KeePassXC, OTPClient, Maurborgne, Authenticator on Fedora 35 but non of them have the sync now option Authy has. I am looking for a 2fa software which has the feature so I don’t have to use Authy. At the moment I am unable to use the secret key becasue I am receiving an outdated output because of the unsync.

I use keysmith it is a good option by kde you can try it.

I use keepassxc with dropbox.
I have used authy for 2 years. But it’s very annoying to open multiple software just to copy paste. This is why my default password manager and totp solution is keepassxc+dropbox.

I’m using Bitwarden; it works well for this.

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I do not recommend this due to you are creating a point of failure if your bitwarden got hacked or someone got the password that will create issues having different app for 2fa is a good practice in my opinion.

This is true. For this reason I still use Authy as the 2FA Authenticator for my Bitwarden account.

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Authy is not opensource i always recommend use opensource when ever possible for security and privacy.

Any good one for Gnome?

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I use keysmith nice app and very minimalistic and good looking app in both kde and gnome i highly recommend that app.:smiley:

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I generally agree to this argument: but there is often a dangerous misunderstanding everyone has to be aware of: the security advantage of open source is public review / external tests (at the best, both massively). However, open source does not imply that there is any review/test. Too often people use some “nice things” they found on any GitHub repo, developed with limited background knowledge by (widely unknown) single users (and thus, not deployed much and thus, not reviewed/tested), which is possibly less secure than proprietary solutions. Just some thoughts to have in mind :slight_smile:

Another alternative for “true” 2FA (implying both factors on independent devices to avoid “single points of vulnerability” such as the os):
It implements RFC 6238 and RFC 4226.

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True i agree with that cause most times some apps are developed but never updated as such.
But still when it comes to the security and privacy opensource is a gold standard like
I can give you a example in android you can’t find a app close source which have blocked internet access which is a big flaw if security not made upto the point

It is open source a good option for 2fa.
And don’t have any shedy stuff no internet access. Just camera as a permission option available.
Widely what ever you are installing you should have some info about that and you trust that devloper.and see if they undergo a security audit.
But for kde and gnome they are extremely trusted and valued that i recommend as a 2fa for linux.

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