Audio video issues when waking from sleep

Hi, in the last couple of days I installed F39 on my system after running debian cid ever since getting my current machine. I noticed I am having issues playing videos when waking the computer from sleep (auto suspend). I’ll mention it is a desktop PC, R5600, RX6600. I did came a cross a very similar issue and it is very recent as well, but the user say it is resolved by some kind of firmware update…
I am pretty sure I also had this issue previously on my old machine running f36/f37… but I am not 100% sure.
Would love any kind of help… thanks!

How did you do the install? From the release ISO?
If so then have you also done a full system upgrade so you have the latest versions of all packages? The command sudo dnf upgrade --refresh in a terminal will do that for you. As of today the latest kernel is 6.5.11 and there have been several pipewire updates as well. The latest update to the linux-firmware package for fedora is dated 20231030 so it is very recent. This package has firmware for most devices you may have.

You can also run the command sudo fwupdmgr get-updates to see what other firmware updates may be available and sudo fwupdmgr update to actually apply those updates.

Hi, Thanks for the reply.
I gave that

a try and a few days, seems to be no change

I did install from the official release ISO.

This command returned no firmware updates were available to my devices
I actually think I am onto something… I have an audio interface (Audient ID4 MK II) which I run my audio from. If I change my audio output devices the problem seems to go away… I guess that’s related?

Seems to be so. The proper driver may not be in use for that device.

To this day I still couldn’t figure out how to find the misbehaving driver. Would you happen to know how to investigate that?