F35 popping/cracking noises while playing media

I came back to Fedora after using Manjaro and other distros, I had this same issue in F34 but forgot about it since I knew I was gonna switch distros eventually.

Now it’s different though cause I’m planning to stay here for a while and this issue is becoming unbearable.

While watching any video or in a call with friends, Fedora outputs this crackling noise, sometimes it also repeats random noises that occurred some seconds ago (very short noises, but audibly human (if the audio I’m playing is that of a person talking for example))

I’m unaware of what could be causing this issue, I did some troubleshooting though:


    ## Properties for the DSP configuration.
    #default.clock.rate          = 48000
    default.clock.allowed-rates = [ 44100 48000 ]
    #default.clock.quantum       = 1024
    #default.clock.min-quantum   = 32
    #default.clock.max-quantum   = 8192
    #default.video.width         = 640
    #default.video.height        = 480
    #default.video.rate.num      = 25
    #default.video.rate.denom    = 1

I uncommented the default.clock.allowed-rates, no effect.

I didn’t change anything else, mainly cause I couldn’t find the issue online anywhere, any help is appreciated, thanks.

pipewire version

Compiled with libpipewire 0.3.40
Linked with libpipewire 0.3.40

EDIT: Hear it for yourselves, I’m recording my Marshall speaker through my Blue Yeti, I listened to the audio through my phone and the cracks are pretty noticeable, the other problems are not showcased here but you get my point.

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