Audio not working since recent update

Hello all,

I am facing a weird audio issue. I use a USB audio interface (Behringer UMC202HD) for both audio output and audio input. Since a recent update, If I use at the same time audio input and audio output from the interface, the audio output stop (and a video playing on youtube in firefox stop for example). This was not the case until very recently. I use pipewire and qjackctl to route the audio on my system running Fedora 35 KDE spin.

I also notice that it is the combination of input and output on the same interface that seem to cause the problem. As long as the capture output from the Behringer is connected to something else than the playback input, everything works fine.

My system was up-to-date as of 17th of september and did not have any issue. The problem appearead during an update on the 17th or 18th of this month.

I noticed one thing : if I go back from kernel 5.19.9 to kernel 5.19.8, I do not have this issue, but qjackctl display an extra instance of my audio interface with monitor outputs which I do believe were not here before.

In KDE audio setting the interface is set as Duplex Analog Stereo.

I am not sure if this is a kernel bug, or a side-effect of an update in KDE audio system, or an issue in Fedora, that is why I prefer posting here before opening a ticket at the wrong place.

Thank you for your help

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I propose you to test it with the F36 / F37 live iso. F35 will be soon EOL.

Yes I am due for an upgrade anyway. In the meantime I found 2 issues already reported which seem to match my problem : one on pipewire and the one reference in the previous pipewire ticket on the kernel bug tracker. So I need to wait for the patch to reach the kernel.

I have the same issue. Thank you for creating this topic and finding these reports, Olivier, that tells me that we just need to stick to booting kernel 5.19.8 (at most) for now until some sort of greenlit kernel version gets mentioned here :wink:

I have now done this to protect the old kernel against deletion on upgrades:

dnf versionlock kernel-5.19.8-100.fc35.x86_64
dnf versionlock kernel-devel-5.19.8-100.fc35.x86_64
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I checked the kernel version 5.19.10 but it looks like the issue is still there…

Have you tried the latest kernel 5.19.11?

No luck with 5.19.11 : the issue is still present for me

Edit : looks like there can be a significant delay in setup, but it seems it works with 5.19.11

I’m now running kernel 5.19.15-101 on F35 and it seems to work fine out of the box. Problem solved?

You do realize, I hope, that F37 is due for release in about a week and that F35 is scheduled for EOL in less than 6 weeks.

I still had some issues with 5.19.11, but then I upgraded to Fedora 36 and that solved it. So problem solved on my side