Audio parameters in alsamixer

Hello! In my quest to get good audio input from a 3.5mm line mic I discovered several tunables in alsamixer. But my limited audio knowledge cannot understand how they interact with each other and what it means to increase or decrease the tunables in alsamixer.

Can someone help me understand or give pointers?

The parameters are

  • Jack ADC PGA (this one doesn’t change mic gain that much)
  • Jack ADC Preamp (this one changes mic gain a lot but has only three choices, 0%, 50%, and 100%. 100% is too much gain and 50% is not enough gain)
  • Jack HPF Corner Frequency (this one may have something to do with high pass filtering but the stops in alsamixer don’t have frequency values)
  • Jack WNF Corner Frequency (I think this is wind noise filter but same the stops don’t have any values)