Asking for tips on a SW project to write docs for

Hi, I’m a technical writer (currently working as a temporary contractor for RH) and I’m looking for a project for which I could help write documentation.

I’m co-hosting writing sessions at a conference this June. We’re planning to write documentation on the spot and teach our participants to contribute to open source projects with TW expertise, and improve their writing skills. If we reach satisfying results, we would like to offer the results as a contribution.

Can you recommend a piece of software that could use documentation or its improvements? Please, get it touch.

What we need, except a piece of software, is also a so-called SME - Subject Matter Expert, i.e. a person who knows the piece well enough to answer all sorts of curious technical questions from tech.writers, so we can deliver factually precise docs. It should be a developer of the software, who would be willing to join us live during our online writing sessions.

The SW product should come with a GUI, WebUI, or CLI. I’m concerned that an API or SDK might be too technical for this event.

However! I intend to contribute to FOSS in general at some point, so practically any tips are welcome. Thank you!


Hi Lena,

I don’t currently have a project that meets your requirements, but I have a tip for you. Check out Github for interesting projects. for a programmer it is actually a very unpopular task but of course absolutely necessary. Therefore, I think that your project will get a great response there.



Hi, Dirk!
I’m aware that there is plenty of such projects on GH, but I don’t have the time to browse one by one :slight_smile:
However, I haven’t checked yet if there’s some kind of a global forum, so I will check that out. Thank you for the tip!