Ask EPEL Questions?

Can we ask EPEL questions here?

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EPEL isn’t really Fedora, in the sense that yes Fedora package maintainers maintain packages i the EPEL repositories, but these are not part of the standard Fedora development cycle—they don’t go through the same policies/milestones. The forum here is quite Fedora specific, and I’m not sure how many EPEL users/maintainers monitor it. So, it’ll probably be best to contact the EPEL SIG on their communication channels directly:


I’m going to split this answer into two parts:

1. Fedora Project Leader Position

This is part of why I like to make the “Fedora Project” vs “Fedora Linux” distinction. EPEL is part of Fedora, but not part of Fedora Linux. So, generally

2. Personal Opinion Which Should Not Be Over-Weighted

I’m biased towards “let’s try and see if it works”, but I have some reservations My concerns are:

  1. We might not have the right community of answers and experts to help, and that’d be frustrating. A lot of EPEL folks tend towards old-school and still prefer mailing lists. :slight_smile:
  2. I don’t want this to turn into a general RHEL / CentOS Linux / CentOS Stream / Alma Linux / Rocky Linux support place. We’d need to be clear about where the lines are (and hopefully have a place to send people).
  3. I would like to get clear consensus, so we don’t end up with people being told it’s okay to ask and then get replies saying that it’s off-topic rather than help. So it’s good to have this discussion!
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