Which tools Fedora offers?

Hello guys, i need you all help again, could someone tell me which tools Fedora offers? I mean, any kind of tools, its cause i´m doing a research about it and I need help to know about that, I appreciate you all help

Almost any tool available in linux as a whole is available on fedora. Please be more specific because there are way to many to name.

A web search would be more efficient than asking us then trying to filter out the useful ones as well as adding all those not mentioned.

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A list of softwares/tools available through EPEL is here


Please don’t mix EPEL repo with :fedora: ones, Here is why?


EPEL is only for RHEL and Centos…

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You right, confused with RPM Fusion.

Koji.fedoraproject.org shows you all the packages that are available from Fedora (not for Fedora).