Artwork suggestion for F40

We have an option to have day and night mode - and this is an concept idea, that we can celebrate the release perfectly. Would be possible to have a seaport with its Fedora blue colors, and as time passing by we could have a starry sky in night mode? TIA, Zoltan

I know this is kind of random, but since Fedora implemented those Day/Night Live Wallpapers, i wanted to do a Sunrise/Sunset one.

This is Sunrise ( Around 7am in the Fall )

I loved the Blue gradient, was hoping to capture it at sunset but couldn’t. Currently the sunset hue is Orange ( Winter 5:15pm )


This is cool. Landscapes are good choice. And would be great to have this with night, maybe moonlight, and shadowy.

I was thinking of doing something in Blender, with the lighting. Seeing if I could reproduce it somehow. . . :thinking:

I have seen an really interesting concept art, although it’s for winXP - something similar effect would be great. - at 7:20. Do we able to do something similar?

That was pretty cool, but would have to think about it a little. Gnome currently has a light /dark mode for the desktop that gives this effect kind of the same :thinking: hmm. . .

If we combine with glass theme on gnome, some transparency - it would be amazing. Something like that: Glass-Gnome - - but maybe its too much. However, still think that would be better some lookout view, or city view that changes in over time. Maybe a crazy idea, but maybe we need a long exponency shot by a camera, over a city - and we only need to just select segments?

Only matter will be the weather, and nice dry 24 hours. But would be awesome effect to have rainy glass, a light sunflare on glass, or cloudy top in the picture as gnome weather changes. But can be too much.

I know, not the best choice, just trying to get inspiration.