[Article] Updating Edge Devices with OSTree and Pulp


I would like to publish an article about Pulp and OSTree.

In the article, we will discuss a way of distributing an OSTree commit via Pulp. First, we will introduce the reader to basic OSTree and Pulp workflows and then we proceed with an example of how to build, publish, and distribute a customized Fedora-IoT image to end-users (i.e., edge devices).

Issue: Issue #100: Updating Edge Devices with OSTree and Pulp - fedora-magazine-newsroom - Pagure.io

I don’t really know anything about it. But at a glance I don’t see any obvious problems. It appears to be FOSS that runs on Fedora Linux. So I’ll give this my +1! If another editor gives this their approval, then you can proceed with writing the article.


@moderators this thread should be under the Fedora Magazine workflow. But it seems that I cannot move it.

Got it :grinning:

@rlengland: You may have missed the notice for this one since it wasn’t originally posted to the right place. What is your opinion/vote about this one as a Fedora Magazine article?


+1 I’ve assigned the Pagure issue #100 to @lubosmj and adjusted the tags.

Start writing @lubosmj :slight_smile:

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