The Fedora OSTree Pruner is now deployed

Cross posted with this releng list post.

It’s been a long time coming but now we have finally deployed our fedora-ostree-pruner that will help us cut down on our OSTree repo usage in Fedora. This was also discussed some in tickets in the releng repo here and here (and probably more that I can’t find links to right now).

The current policy for pruning content is pretty conservative where latest stable content is not pruned, EOL releases are trimmed down to a single latest commit, and non-stable content is pruned based on time (i.e. 90 or 180 days). The full policy is held in the code.

If you notice any issues please let us know. We do have snapshots that we can revert to if problems arise.


NOTE: this project does not touch the IoT OSTree repo, which is managed separately from Silverblue/CoreOS.