Article review needed: i18n test day report

This time I got some time to write few lines about the Fedora 30 i18n test day we had on 19th March. I have prepared the text for this article but not getting any reviewer who can review and publish it. The article public review link is

Request any available members to help.

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I added a “More” element and removed the “community” category. The “community” category is only used when there’s nothing else that really fits.

I used the below for the featured image. If there’s another image you’d rather use, please let me know. Otherwise, it’s scheduled to publish next Thursday (11 April).


Thanks @bcotton for your quick reply here. Unfortunately I don’t have any other image so let’s go with above image only for now. For next time, I will try to get new image.

Please go ahead and publish it.