Docs Translations FAD report post

Hi all!

Jean-Baptiste and I have put together an even report for the Docs Translations FAD we had over the weekend: Fedora Docs Translations FAD Report – Fedora Community Blog

We’d like to publish it ideally this week, would that be possible?




It’s been a while since we’ve seen asamalik — their last post was 5mon ago.

Aw, it’s so nice to have Adam back on Discourse :slight_smile:. We normally publish CommBlog posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays to mesh nicely with Magazine, so Tuesday the 23rd is probably when it would publish (I’ll try to get to it later this afternoon or on Monday if no one beats me to it).

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I actually posted to the mailing list and was wondering why am I moderated? And then I read the response. I need to come here more often. :slight_smile:

And next Tuesday is good, thanks!

I added a “read more” element and set the category and tags, plus made a few grammatical changes.

I couldn’t find a good topical featured image, so I just grabbed the Fedora Documentation image, but if you have another one you’d like to use, let me know before this publishes Tuesday morning.

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