[Fedora Test Week] Fedora Linux 36 Kernel 5.16 2022-01-23 through 2022-01-29

@bcotton , we have another test week coming up. I have drafted the blog on the community blog and I would like to get it scheduled!


@mattdm , I can’t find the commblog tag and request to review tag. where can I find them? or should I have to go ahead and claim them? or what am I missing?

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It’s not necessary to tag me in the request. However, it is necessary to select the right category. You tried to post to the “News and Announcements → Podcasts” category, which is for automated posts only.

The commblog and review request tags were lost in the reorg. I’ll update the instructions to not require that.


I set the category and tags on the post and scheduled it to publish on Saturday at 0800 UTC

Edit: I also added the featured image.