Article Request: Stepwise guide to debugging and report upsteam bugs for flatpaks

Given the possible significance of flatpak, especially with silverblue variants, it might be great to cover information on debugging flatpaks and how to report bugs to the upstream packagers so flatpak bug fixes benefit the community. Maybe also a bit about flatpak permissions?

What makes debugging flatpaks different from debugging rpm-installed applications?

What about flatpak permissions are you suggesting?

Hello @ferpc ,
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There hasn’t been a recent article about Flatpak and it’s use on Fedora specifically. Most of what has been published is no more recent than 2017, aside from one in 2019 which was about Gnome Builder.
I’m in agreement with @bcotton regarding the debugging, though there may be some value there in a corner case. Permissions is something that could potentially use some coverage, in that a lot of users are likely unaware of some of the options available that may help when trying to use a newly flatpak’d app that needs more/different permissions from the host.
Maybe reply with a bit more details on your idea here so we can discuss moving it forward.

For instance, I had an issue where gnome boxes in flatpak kept crashing and couldn’t find a definitive guide on collecting information to report to the flatpak maintainer or the gnome boxes projects, I had to dig pretty deep to find information on collecting information like:
flatpak info org.gnome.Boxes
Still learning on how to collect segfault coredump information on flatpaks:
flatpak-coredumpctl org.gnome.Boxes

Also learned about flatseal and saw all the permissions in there and haven’t been able to find a structured resource on what alot of the permissions might mean.

Okay, I’m +1 to that. Are you wanting to write the article, or add it to the list of potential articles for another author to pick up?