Article Proposal: KeePassXC with Flatpak - browser integration and clipboard


I recently moved from the RPM KeePassXC version to the Flatpak one, because integration with the Browser no longer worked. Simply my RPM version was old.

Unfortunately, for Fedora 30, the new version is no longer provided and you can’t install the KeePassXC version 2.6 through the rpm.

As a flatpak enthusiast, I installed the Flatpak version. But, it was not without a problem.

Browser integration

First of all - the Browser integration doesn’t work from scratch. As Flatpak uses sandboxed environment, the binaries used to integrate the database are not available.

However, with simple workaround, the browser plugin was able to connect.

The Browser integration uses json file for configuration, and it configured to use the keepassxc-proxy in usr/bin.

The easy way is to just create the link to the flatpak binary.

# sudo ln -s /var/lib/flatpak/app/org.keepassxc.KeePassXC/current/active/files/bin/keepassxc-proxy /usr/bin/keepassxc-proxy

After that, the plugin was able to connect and it worked as with RPM version.

Copy and paste within KeePassXC

Unfortunately, I got into another problem, more caused by Wayland, rather than flatpak.

The copy from and to the database from/to clipboard doesn’t work either.

The workaround mentioned [1] fixes that problem.

Mainly I wanted to share the workaround somewhere, and I think it could be good article.
Nevertheless, also [1] fixes the issue with the window decoration, it was mentioned in [2] as well.


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I’m a little hesitant to vote for this proposal because you mention the guide being for Fedora 30. Since Fedora 30 is EOL and since things have likely changed quite a bit between Fedora 30 and Fedora 33 (especially concerning X11 and Wayland), I’m worried that the directions in the guide would not be applicable to Fedora 33 and it might create more confusion than help for those who come across it. If you could revise the guide for Fedora 33, then I might vote for it.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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@glb - yeah, let me check that on Fedora 33 and I will reply in here.

@glb - ok, tested on Fedora 33 and it works outside of the box. So what I’ve mentioned is not needed in fact.