Article proposal: Introduction to OpenCV

Summary: Describe how to set up an OpenCV with Python

Description: The purpose of this article would be to describe what an OpenCV is and how someone can set up their own OpenCV development enviroment under Fedora umberella with ease. Also showing basic example for OpenCV such as Image manipulation,Converting different Color spaces. The article would aim to educate the user about two things: what and how. Since OpenCV one of the major development platform on Computer Vison plus Fedora has many scientific tools for data sciences,engineers,scientists.Also Fedora have extensive support on python as well. For that reasons, this article would ideally promote use cases of OpenCV and shows how easy to setup on Fedora as well. The flow of the article would be as follows:

What is an Open-CV / how does it work?

  • Download, installing, and configuring Open-CV on a Fedora machine
  • Referring Data science article for installing Jupyter/Matplotlib packages (Already written)
  • Configuring OpenCV on Fedora Machine and run example and show how does it work

Example List :

1 - Basic Examples

  • How to load image,
  • Show images 2D numpy array,
  • Display Image using Matplotlib
  • Working with Color Images (show difference between BGR(OpenCV stores images in BGR but Matplotlib read as a RGB)
  • Split and Merge Color Channels

2- Basic Image Manipulations Examples

  • Accessing individual pixels,

  • Modify image pixels

  • Crop images

  • Resize images

  • Flipping images

    Example list may look long but some of them is easy and short, If you think It needs to be shortened or split to 2 different article please let me know as well.

    After this article I intend to plan write more about OpenCV like object detection,face detection,pose estimation

Thank you.


This is a good idea :slight_smile:

Sounds great. +1 :slightly_smiling_face:


This sounds a jolly good proposal outline and the inclusion of 101-like examples make it even more better.

:+1: to the idea.

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