How to install ROS in fedora

how to install robotic os in fedora


Did you try this:

Also you need to enable RPMFUSION Repos:

Enable both free and non-free.



The main tools needed to install ROS (rosinstall/rosdep) are packaged for Fedora. However, the complete set of nodes/packages are not. You can use the link @hhlp gave to install whatever packages you wish to use.

Please contact the Robotics SIG if you need to. They’d be able to help with specific issues.

$ sudo dnf list python*ros*
Last metadata expiration check: 2:58:44 ago on Sun 05 Apr 2020 18:10:54 BST.
Available Packages
python-rosdep-doc.noarch                                                                                                  0.17.1-2.fc32                                                                                       fedora
python-rosdistro-doc.noarch                                                                                               0.7.5-2.fc32                                                                                        fedora
python-rospkg-doc.noarch                                                                                                  1.1.10-4.fc32                                                                                       fedora
python3-astroscrappy.x86_64                                                                                               1.0.8-1.fc32                                                                                        fedora
python3-cairosvg.noarch                                                                                                   2.4.2-3.fc32                                                                                        fedora
python3-colcon-ros.noarch                                                                                                 0.3.13-2.fc32                                                                                       fedora
python3-colcon-ros-bazel.noarch                                                                                           0.0.1-6.fc32                                                                                        fedora
python3-django-macros.noarch                                                                                              0.4.0-15.fc32                                                                                       fedora
python3-minikerberos.noarch                                                                                               0.1.0-1.fc32                                                                                        fedora
python3-neurosynth.noarch                                                                                                 0.3.8-1.fc32                                                                                        fedora
python3-rosdep.noarch                                                                                                     0.17.1-2.fc32                                                                                       fedora
python3-rosdistro.noarch                                                                                                  0.7.5-2.fc32                                                                                        fedora
python3-rosinstall.noarch                                                                                                 0.7.8-9.fc32                                                                                        fedora
python3-rosinstall_generator.noarch                                                                                       0.1.18-2.fc32                                                                                       fedora
python3-rospkg.noarch                                                                                                     1.1.10-4.fc32                                                                                       fedora
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