Article proposal: Getting started with encryption in Stratis

Proposed article covering how to get started with the new encryption functionality in Startis on Fedora. Here is a draft blog post:

This link should be viewable by Red Hatters, if there is a different place I should post the draft to make it more accessible please let me know. This is my first submission to Fedora Magazine so I’m not very familiar with the process. Thanks!

Thanks for letting me access the content. This seems like a good article to me, I say +1.

For reference, we have a workflow for submissions:

In general if you’re doing something in Fedora, it shouldn’t be access controlled to only Red Hatters. Glad that could be fixed in this case; this is just to help in the future.

In general this article looks great! It needs to have the first person “I” removed throughout, because with few exceptions the Magazine does not speak as an individual person. But that can be done in editorial steps.


Hi Paul, thanks for the information! So far I’ve only gotten one “+1” on this proposal, what is the best way to reach out to other Editors to have this reviewed?

Thanks again,

Hello @briansmith,
The other editors will get notified via Discourse since we all watch the
Magazine category. I take @pfrields comments above to indicate approval, but will of course allow him to clarify. If I don’t see movement (ie a Taiga card being made) by the end of week then I’ll start prodding my peers a bit more.

Yep, +1 from me for sure. I went ahead and made this card:

Brian should log in to Taiga so we can assign him to the card. Then he can create the text in the WordPress instance if needed.

Thanks Paul and Stephen, I’ve signed in to Taiga, so the card can be assigned to me. Thanks again for your help!

Hello @briansmith,
Could you please provide me with your FAS ID? Or the email address you used to sign into Taiga. I can get your setup finished with either.

I finally figured it out and added him, and assigned the card. @briansmith let us know if you need any help getting started on the WordPress instance. You’ve got Author privs there too now.

Thanks Paul, I created the draft post in WordPress and moved the Taiga card to review.