[Article proposal] Fedora DEI Team 2023 Q4: Appreciation Week and new members

Hi dei-team, the 2023 Q4 summary draft is ready for review. This could be published some time next week. Could you all please take a look and either share feedback or give a +1? Thanks!

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Article Summary: Fedora DEI Team 2023 Q4: Appreciation Week and new members

Article Description: The Fedora Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Team rounded out 2023 with a focus on celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Fedora Project and officially welcoming new team members. This post is a brief recap of the fourth quarter of 2023 (October to December) for the DEI Team. This post summarizes these highlights and also paints a picture of what we were looking forward to in 2024 Q1. Read on to get the full scoop!

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This looks great to me, thanks for working on it. Just a nitpick - do you want to link the Diversity week gitlab issue in the relevant section?

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Woohoo :tada: this is awesome, thanks @jflory7 :clap: :100:

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@roseline-bassey is going to take an editorial pass on this. The plan is to publish on Thursday!

I think I did! Unless you mean something else? I linked to the main issue in the DEI Team repo, but I figured we could link out to some of the other sub-group tickets in the 2024 Q1 post.

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