[Article proposal] Docs workshop

Article Summary:

The Docs workshop aims to empower people to learn about templates, issue tickets, review processes, and tool chains to improve documentation for Fedora Linux users and contributors.

See the link on ideation.

Article Description:

To begin with, we could consider gentle introduction on experiences of Docs contributors. We love to hear from hallway track @Flock. That’ll be valuable lessons.

Building on feedback from each session, add more hands-on workshop like below;

  • Introduction on Pagure web interface
  • Interactions with issue tickets and reviewers
  • How to select articles to review
  • How to use AsciiDoc markup
  • How to use local preview and why
  • How to create a new article
  • Best practices

This sounds great! +1! :slight_smile:

@hankuoffroad Pagure Ticket #215 has been opened to track your article.

As usual, let us know the WP preview link as a comment on that ticket when you are ready for review or have any questions.

Thanks, again.

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