[Article Proposal] Announcement of FedoraShareYourScreen week

Article Summary:

The marketing team is planning a Social Media Activity: FedoraShareYourScreen

Article Description:

  • Share your screen with us! Take a screenshot on your desktops and share it using the hashtag #FedoraShareYourScreen and mentioning @fedora on twitter or @thefedoraproject on instagram, we can comment and share our Fedora Linux experience. Avoid showing personal and private info.
  • At the end of the week we will be publishing a slide show on YouTube with all the collected screens we got on the week! Keep it Family Friendly, inappropriate content won’t be included in the video

Timing: Planned dates are:

  • Start of the week: January 31st
  • End of the Week: February 6th
  • Publishing article: January 31st

This sounds great! +1 :slightly_smiling_face:

+1 Sounds like it could be very interesting :slight_smile:

I’ve opened Pagure Card #85 for this article.

Let us know when you have started writing and we’ll move it to “in-progress”

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I’ve started working on it right now. Thanks!

Preview is done: Announcement of FedoraShareYourScreen week - Fedora Magazine

Looks good to me. I did some minor edits with punctuation.

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What’s next step? It will be very useful if the article can come up this Saturday as announcement or max on Monday 31st, the first day of the week