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Hi all,

I just finished a blogpost about and it is ready for review.


It covers my journey with release-monitoring + some magic.
Hopefully I will manage to write similar blogposts from time to time to inform about news.

Thanks for review


Hi @zlopez, thanks for writing this up! :+1:

I won’t have time for a few days to look at this. Hopefully @bcotton or @bex could review and schedule this sooner.

@zlopez this is great. I love the style. :slight_smile: I made a few small grammatical tweaks and set the Category to Infrastructure. Does this work for you for the featured image?

If so, I’ll schedule it to publish on Thursday morning.


Thanks for setting the category @bcotton, I thought I did set it.

The image is fine for me.

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@bcotton I noticed that it is still in state “Pending for Review”. I thought it should be published on Thursday.

Sorry for the delay. I didn’t get to it Tuesday afternoon and I was out of the office on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s scheduled for Tuesday at 0623 UTC.