Revamping the Release Readiness meeting

(Posting to many mailing lists for visibility. I apologize if you see this more times than you’d like.)

You may have already seen my Community Blog post about changing the Release Readiness meeting process. The meeting has questionable value in the current state, so I want to make it more useful. We’ll do this by having teams self-report readiness issues on a dedicated wiki page beginning now. This gives the community time to chip in and help with areas that need help without waiting until days before the release.

I invite teams to identify a representative to keep the wiki page up to date. Update it as your status changes and I’ll post help requests in my weekly CommBlog posts and the FPgM office hours IRC meeting. The Release Readiness meeting will be shortened to one hour and will review open concerns instead of polling for teams that may or may not be there. We will use the logistics mailing list to discuss issues and make announcements, so I encourage representatives to join this list.

The Fedora 32 Beta release readiness meeting will be held in #fedora-meeting-1 at 19:00 UTC on Thursday 12 March. You can see it on Fedocal.

As a reminder, please ensure your team’s readiness status is updated on the wiki.